Family Guy: I love this TV show! This will entertain you!

Most people enjoyed the wonderful cartoon shows when they were children and young adults. Some of the fans of animation shows even enjoyed watching them till their 30’s and 40’s. The best cartoon shows tend to be from the 80’s. Nearly all of the animation show enthusiasts like the cartoon shows for adult audience like the The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park etc.

Nearly all these cartoon shows, meant for adult audience have been running for a long time and animation show lovers continue their patronage for these shows. At one time or other, these shows have been taken off the air but due renewed demand they came back with a bang.
When the cartoon lovers were all children they used to look forward to morning TV shows on weekends so that they could begin their day with their favorite characters.

With the advent of the Internet the cartoon lovers can again look forward to review their favorite old animation shows on various video sharing sites. It would be even possible for the elder generation of cartoon lovers to introduce their favorite characters and shows to their own children.  Currently there are quite a few animated TV shows that are meant for the adult audience rather than young audience.

The Archer is another popular animation show for adults, which is full of adult humor and sexist undertones and it is mainly animated humorous spin on the game of espionage. This show even makes James Bond look flat. It can be currently seen on Thursday evenings on Fox Network.

The Life and times of Tim is another show on the HBO network and the show is full of nasty surprises and hilarious situations. The central character Tim often encounters Debbie the prostitute and his drunken priest friend. One thing leads to another and often leads to comic relief.

The Family Guy is a Seth McFarlane comedic genius show. The show is both witty and controversial at the same time and this feature makes Family Guy as one of the top current animated shows of all times.

The Boondocks is an animated TV series that is based upon the comic strip by Aaron McGruder. It is popularly rated to be one of the funniest shows as it displays an urban humor and scenes from daily lives of common people.

American Dad is not the most entertaining of Seth McFarlane's work, but it is definitely worth a look for humor and animation enthusiasts.  
The Simpsons was the first animated series for adult audience to during prime time Television. By far, The Simpsons is the most cartoon family of America. Even after 20 years this show still tops the TRP ratings.


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